“The city we live in - the city we want to live in in 2020”


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what is it all about?




Poem Competition

"The city I want to live in 2020"

And the winner is...

There were more than 70 people entering their poem for our Erasmus+ competition and they were great!
A big thank you to everyone taking part and being creative. There are more prizes allocated than originally planned, due to the high standard of work. So we have 2 people sharing the third place in our competition, as the jury consisting of teachers and pupils could not decide. And we have a special prize awarded to a poem that has summed up what our project is all about - great work everyone.

Thank you!


1st place Merleen

I want to live in a city
where peace is all over the nation
where no one hates anyone but loves each other
The people are not judged by the colour of their skin or their origin
but by the content of their character
In this city everyone will forgive each other freely
because here everybody wants to live in peace and justice


2nd place Collin

Many cultures come
Some of them will stay
There are lots of sights
which are big and great
which have no other town
or state.


3rd place Max

In my dream city,everything is pretty

All the people respect each other and I hang out with my brother
I mustn`t go to school because I swim in my own pool
There are many skyscrapers and I draw them on papers

The streets are not so loud and the sky is without clouds
In the shops are really interesting things and in all the restaurants I eat chicken wings
In this city may dreams come true I find my dream girl called Sue


3rd place Elefterios

The city of glamour and fashion, the city of love and attraction,
The city has got its own style and it changes from mile to mile

Everyone in the city wants to touch the sky,
as they feel it`s not too high
because they have wings to fly

The lifestyle can give you energy to live, hotels, malls and night clubs it gives
Tall buildings is the view you`ll see here but taller are the dreams of the people
who live there

It`s somewhere near, you can`t see it,
it`s unclear
It belongs to me,
it`s called fantasy


Special Prize Ajla

What can we do for the city we want to live in in 2020

From now to the future it`s a long time but also only as short as a rhyme
We want to make the world a little better if good or not we`ll make it clever
We travel and learn from each other to change things and to uncover
We work hard for some better news but don`t matter we cannot lose
The way we work is beautiful and what we do is pretty cool
Austria, Germany, France, Greece and Spain all these countries are the same
We stay together hand in hand and stick together like a band

So that`s what we`ll do for the city we want to live in in 2020